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"I believe that change is inevitable, and leadership, education and information about the new digital economy, financial technology, blockchain and crypto is essential for success in our new digital economy"

Moderating the Women in Crypto Interview Series,
Innovative Economy Online Educational Series, South Carolina Blockchain,  Discover the Future of Money and Digital Asset Specialist on Roku's Politics and Profits.  Lori provides digital transformation education & information about emerging tech applications such as  cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts and tokenization

Scotts Mining Conference

Scotts Mining Conference in Austin, Texas was a hit! Our Women in Crypto Panel included Lori Souza, MBA, BSIT, Najah Roberts, Hena Venugopal , Rachel Wolfson. We were able to tour the largest BTC mining facility in the USA, Whinstone Mining, who has over 800 Mwatts sub power station to create Bitcoin. One of its 5 buildings holds over 25,000 Bitcoin miners.

REBlock Summit Miami

This event was a part of the Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit and has been attended in the past by Cathie Wood of Ark Invest, Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Finance Commissioner of Florida Russ Weigel III and many more notables. Associations that are part of this event are the Florida Blockchain Business Association (FBBA), Foundation For International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE), and the Miami Downtown Development Authority.
REBlockmiami is bringing Stakeholders all around the globe in the Real Estate Blockchain space to the Crypto Capital of the world. reBLOCKmiami specializes in bringing the right people in the room from the Real Estate world including Developers, Brokers, Agents, Financiers, Startups, Traders and Policy makers!
Where we Discover the Future of Money, Markets and Payments and how to Thrive, not just survive in the New Digital Economy!
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Latest Interviews and panels

Crypto Trading Mastermind hosted by Crowdcreate

On this mastermind, you'll hear experts weigh in on the following topics:

- Difference between crypto trading and crypto investing
- CEX vs DEX crypto exchanges. pros and cons
- How SEC Regulations will change cryptocurrency markets
- Crypto trading strategies to manage and mitigate risks
- Trading meme coins. Are they worth investing in?
- How crypto social media influencers are moving markets
- Best crypto trading classes and education
- Best crypto projects and tokens to watch and why

Discussing Bitcoin at Confident Investor Conference -Sugo Capital

Explaining Bitcoin at Confident Investor Conference -Sugo Capital

Cryptocurrency is Digital Currency. Bitcoin is Digital Cash, so where do you keep it? in a wallet? in an exchange? Do you know where your Crypto is?  Discover the future of money, markets and payments and how to thrive  in a the new digital economy

Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain---Winning Women Series

The State of Women in Crypto and Blockchain

It's been estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the people currently investing in Bitcoin are female. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there have been more women not only trading digital money but also entering roles traditionally dominated by men, including analysts, developers and company leads. At the same time, statistics show that blockchain companies founded by women can successfully compete with those run by men.
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